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Where you’re getting it wrong trying to manage your staff.

Are you experiencing high turnover?  Are you scared to see what your staff might say on social media or on Glassdoor?  If you answered yes to either question, it is highly likely that the problem is you, or at least your methods.  If you’re wondering how to better manage your team, that’s your issue right there.  Stop trying to manage people and start leading them.

What are the signs that you’re getting it all wrong?

  • Do you have a time clock for office staff?
  • Do you have staff fill out time sheets, nagging them to account for every minute?
  • Do you stress hours at work versus actually completing tasks?
  • Do you lack a set, quantifiable way to measure your staff’s performance?
  • When people ask your staff what they do at your company, so they struggle to come up with an elevator pitch for their position?
  • When people leave, do you replace them or do you just shove their tasks onto someone else?

If you answered yes to basically any of these questions, you might need some time in front of the mirror.

So how should you be doing it?

  • Time clocks are among the most insulting things you can push on someone. If you’re literally trying to make someone feel awful about their job, make them punch a clock. Trust the people you hired to come to work. If you don’t, the issue is with your hiring process, not time management.
  • And the second most insulting waste of time is the time sheet, or activity report. Again, results will speak for themselves. you only need this if you don’t have defined measurements for your staff’s performance. Don’t spend quarters chasing pennies.
  • In most fields, you shouldn’t be working more than 40 hours. Law of diminishing returns is real. More hours doesn’t equal more results. Nor does it mean you worked harder if you stayed late. It probably means you’re awful at time management.
  • If your staff can’t pinpoint exactly what they do, it’s your fault.  Keeping job descriptions vague only has one purpose; to toss extra work at people without paying them more.  Intelligent people see through this.  And leave.


Work doesn’t have to be tortuous. Let your staff go home.  Let them have paid time off. When you don’t, you’re setting yourself up for turnover and resentment.


PED’s and baseball-MLB’s stance is stupid.

MLB would have you believe that they are extorted Anthony Bosch for the greater good of their sport and also to protect the innocent children who look up to these athletes.  MLB doesn’t want kids to emulate their heroes and start using HGH or start getting TRT.  This stance is like telling your kids to not go into the fancy sitting room.  Despite the room containing nothing of any interest to a child, you just HAD to get into that room growing up.

MLB and sportswriters, many of whom never played a sport in their lives, have put steroids and PED’s directly in the center of Pandora’s Box.  When you say that a guy busted for PED’s has cheated, you are also saying that the drugs work.  However, there is no evidence that using HGH, synthetic testosterone or anabolic steroids do anything for your ability to hit a baseball.  The only tangible item Ryan Braun will lose from this week’s developments is $3.4 million dollars.  Then he will start collecting the $117 million dollars that the Brewers owe him.  So kids, here’s the message from MLB and sportswriters: PED’s work; they will let you cheat the game and win an MVP and get a $100 million dollar contract.  But in return, you will be shamed and kept out of the Hall of Fame.

The problem is, PED’s may not do anything for a baseball player.  And MLB should be pushing that angle if they really care about kids not doing them.  Honestly, it isn’t even an “angle.”  Throughout this rampant “cheating” in baseball, still only 5 men have hit 60 Home Runs in a season.  So what is more likely, PED’s turn you into a superstar, or Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were really talented players who sought an edge that could have possibly been a placebo?  If PED’s were the sole source of their power and they were “cheats” why didn’t more players hit 60 homers?  Why aren’t the records books littered with the names of Larry Bigbie, Gary Bennett, Jack Cust, Mark Carreon or Paul Lo Duca?  I guess Rick Ankiel deserves a refund on his money.

Drugs are like money; they don’t change you, they expose you.  They both make you more of what you already are.  Kids, PED’s will not make you a better ball player.  Ryan Braun is being suspended NCAA style; for lying about something not for actually doing it.  And he deserves it, but that’s for another post.